• Today's Uncertainty

    Help solve today’s retirement challenges for your clients with these prospecting tools and educational materials.


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  • Learn about today's relevant risks, like unexpected events that can forever change retirement, and how to address them with your clients.

  • Educate clients about today's most significant retirement risks.

  • Share these prospecting videos with your clients.

    Start a conversation about annuity solutions that can help with today's retirement risks.

  • Black Swan Events: When the Rare and Unexpected Devastates Retirement Plans

    Explain to clients how a rare and unexpected event can devastate their carefully laid retirement plans.


  • Rising Healthcare Costs: The Risk Hiding in Plain Sight

    Explain to clients how rising healthcare costs can encroach on their savings and affect their retirement.

  • Sequence of Returns: The Reality of an Early Loss

    Explain to clients how an early loss in retirement can affect their income plans.

  • Longevity: The Danger of an Unexpected Income Gap

    Explain to clients how longevity concern can affect their retirement plans.

  • Prospecting with the Today’s Uncertainty Program


    Start Conversations

    Leverage turn-key, client-friendly resources to surface issues and share options.


    Client-Centric Solutions

    Offer your clients relevant strategies to address today's biggest risks.


    Grow Your Business

    More than just a sales tool, these resources will position you as a go-to financial resource.

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